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Mansão - Do Cientista louco?


"Once Upon a Crime" An inked illustration for the second page of a fantasy/detective/story book, the final piece will be coloured, which I'm working on at the moment. The concept is that you are a city guard having to help people and solve crimes. In this particular illustration a crazy scientist has managed to lock himself in his own cage and you have to find the key.

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Extracted (2012)

(5/10) - Um cientista desenvolve um aparelho que permite que ele entre na cabeça de pessoas para estudar suas memórias, e ele se vê obrigado a testar seu equipamento em um presidiário, mas o sistema de sair de dentro da memória não funciona corretamente e ele se vê preso nas memórias do presidiário para sempre (+roteiro, -atores)

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10 More Viral Photos That Are Actually Fake


Timothy Lantz is an amazing web developer and Graphic Artist. During his career he has worked on almost everything including weather maps, TV commercials, book covers and tarot cards. His work is a crazy, “mad scientist” mixture of different media. Looking closer to his work you’ll see hand drawn/hand painted elements mixed with digital photography, objects and photo textures combined into a unified image through the magic of photoshop, painter and illustrator.

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Old Ram Skull $165

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Steampunk goggles glasses aviator Time Travel Crazy Scientist's Oculo-Vision Tool--redred

Steampunk goggles glasses aviator Time by oldjunkyardboutique, $29.99 definitely investing in some goggles this year