fashion royalty dolls | Details about Miniature Couture Outfit-Fits Fashion Royalty Dolls-FR2

Barbie halloween costume: beehive with pink headband, pink heels, tons of pink lip gloss and fake eyelashes

Glory in black

We started our first 2017 collection with what we love most, jumpsuits! {Glory} is a cut-out jumpsuit with long sleeves and attached chocker. This comes in the colour of bright red and black.

"Down-to-Earth" 5 | por Frau_E.2015

Detailed pleated trousers made of cotton with working pockets and black belt, to close with a tiny button in front.

fashion royalty dolls | ... II and it’s designed for Fashion Royalty dolls. Check it out below

'LADY DAGA II' Collection by DAGAMOART ~ This wonderful new collection is the love child of a girl called Dagmara & is designed for Fashion Royalty (FR) dolls