Learn why the two mainstay woods, alder and ash, have been used throughout #Fender history for fashioning electric instrument bodies.

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Fender Telecaster. Learn to play guitar online at www.studio33guitarlessons.com

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white hot-rails, white binding on an all-black Telecaster (custom.).

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Henry tocava guitarra. Nenhum amor aí. Ele só é o tipo extremamente dedicado, a qualquer tarefa que se apresente. Parou de tocar quando adulto, mas a guitarra ainda deve estar guardada em algum canto do apartamento, moída, descascada e aposentada.

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Rosewood Telecaster | white binding... always wanted a tele... this is one of the prettiest I've ever seen.

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Fender Special Edition Swirl Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar

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Essa é para o meu amigo Jefferson Marques... Blue reliced Fender Telecaster electric guitar...

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1979 Fender Telecaster Deluxe (what I'd give to have this guitar...)

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Every guitar has a different personality. But you can never get away from a Telecaster.

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Keith Richards' "Micawber", a 1953 Telecaster, is named after a character from Charles Dickens’ novel ‘David Copperfield’. More

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