If you look at everything on earth you can see pattern and order. Nothing looks like it was complied through random chance. Take 2 piles of blocks for example. 1 is scattered about, the other looks like a house. Which one was made through random chance? No one would say the house because we all …

Creation Story for Kids: Day 5 - Birds & Fish

do with one fish two fish

DR SUESS Blank Fishbowl Placemat-- so many activities you can do with one fish two fish red fish blue fish

Blow Goldfish crackers, hockey with goldfish, etc

6 Activities to Cure "I'm Bored" with Goldfish Crackers

Mom, I'm bored. Six easy activities to do with Goldfish crackers that you have on hand, and maybe have a snitch here and there for a quick snack.

Fish activities for teaching all about fish in the kindergarten, first grade, and second grade classroom! You can easily integrate reading, writing, science, and research with this unit! Science made easy!!

Fish Unit: Fact Pages, Life Cycle, Interactive Notebook Pages, and More

Fishing alphabet activity and dramatic play scene. A fun fish activity for kids!

Pretend Play Fishing Alphabet Activity

These ocean themed counting mats are a great one to one correspondence activity for preschool!

Practice one to one correspondence with these free counting mats! (#1-20

FREE - ocean themed counting mats for numbers to ten, one to one correspondence activity, Use fish tank stones?

Squarehead Teachers: Rainbow Fish Activities (1). Bubble wrap painting. So cool!

Fun way to use left over bubble wrap! Then use as stamp after! Rainbow fish bubble wrap prints ~ painting and printing with bubble wrap

Free printable for the Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister. Kindergarten literacy cut and paste activity: label the rainbow fish :)

Reading/Literacy Lesson: -Given the Rainbow Fish sheet SWBAT read the labels after reading the book. -Given a marker SWBAT draw lines from the words to the corresponding boxes Program Goal: Develop necessary skills for a smooth kindergarten transition

Under the Sea-making fish tanks-good for pre-k students! Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources.  Follow all our boards at http://pinterest.com/sostherapy  for therapy resources.

Preschool Speech/Lang Lesson for Making 'Fish Tanks!" This is a perfect language experience for this week - as we have just got a fish tank for our class!

Free shapes graphing activity. Practice shape recognition and learn graphing in a fun, colorful way. Kindergarten or Pre-K activity.  The visual structure is perfect for our special education students.  Download at:  https://madebyteachers.com/free/35-shapes-graphing-activity.html

Great idea for shape matching; can modify as needed for the little ones (Free shapes graphing activity. Practice shape recognition and learn graphing in a fun, colorful way. Kindergarten or Pre-K activity.

fishing for shapes                                                                                                                                                                                 More

15 Activities for Learning Shapes

Little Family Fun: FISH for shapes! Same as fish for numbers, can use letters too. Different shape fish for each different game. Can have child select card instead of roll dice.