Reading with Mrs. D: Freebie: Five Fingers Rule Printable Poster

This has been one of my MOST popular posts. But I'm no longer happy with this poster. I can do much better graphics and fonts, and can ev.

Five Finger Rule. This is also another great idea for students when it comes to picking out books they want to read. However, you should encourage reading different material  instead of books that they can easily understand. They may need help with the books but they are able to look at different books.  This can be used for when they are picking books out individually.

Choose the `Just Right Book` to Read! Choose a. JUST RIGHT Book to Read! Use the 5 Finger Test to help! Step Retell the page that you read If you can retell what you read, and you have 2 or 3 fingers up.this book is JUST RIGHT for you!

Reading Five Finger Rule... cute video kids will remember... create poster to post near bookshelf using characters from video

**{{Use for "Good Fit Books" lesson for picking out books for Five Finger Rule. cute video kids will remember. create poster to post near bookshelf using characters from video

HOW TO CHOOSE JUST RIGHT BOOKS: Goldie Socks and the Three Libearians is an adorable retelling of the classic fairytale, Goldilocks and The Three Bears. This book is the perfect story for children (and their parents) to understand what “just right book” reading is all about. Choosing a “just right” book is an important skill for all students. One of the author’s purposes in this book is to inform the reader about the five finger rule. $

Goldilocks & The Three Bears ~ Goldie Socks & The Three Libearians ~