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Plum Flummery, popular in Britain in the 17th century onwards, recipe here #food #history #foodhistory


Flummery made in an eighteenth century wooden mold.Traditional British flummeries were oatmeal-based and cooked to achieve a smooth and gelatinous texture; sugar and milk were typically added and either orange flower water or sherry.The dish is typically bland in nature & gained stature in the 17th century where it was prepared in elaborate molds and served with applause from the dining audience. Today the Welsh Flummery is a sweet soft pudding made of stewed fruit thickened with…

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Flummery is a starch-based sweet soft dessert pudding known to have been popular in Britain and Ireland from the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries.


Flummery (Welsh: llymru) is a sweet soft pudding that is at present made from stewed fruit and thickened with cornstarch. Flummery was essentially a Welsh dish which subsequently entered the culinary repertoire of the English.

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