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26 quebra-galhos da vida que você precisa saber

Remova manchas de desodorante com folhas de secadora Em movimento circular, esfregue a folha nas manchas, fazendo com que a folha absorva o desodorante.

Kit com 2 Amaciantes em Folha para Secadora de Roupas Bounce Fresh Linen 80 Folhas

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DIY Air Freshener

DIY Linen Spray - Ditch those toxic fabric softeners and dryer sheets! This DIY Linen Spray is a safe natural alternative and will leave your clothes with a wonderful natural scent!

¿Piensas que el papel de aluminio sólo sirve para guardar y conservar alimentos? Error. Si te decimos que gracias a él puedes eliminar la electricidad estática de tu secadora, ¿te lo creerías? Pues haznos caso: Funciona!. google_ad_region = "test" Sólo tienes que hacer una bola del tamaño de una pelota de tenis con papel de

How to Fix a General Electric Dryer That Is Squeaking

All General Electric, or GE, dryers, come in a front-load style. Both the classic solid door front-load dryer and the more modern round glass door front-load dryer work on similar principles. Although the styles look different, many of the problems that make them squeak are similar in each type. In most cases, if you have some solid do-it-yourself experience, you will be able to find and correct the cause of the squeaking GE dryer.

Oxo Folding Sweater Dryer... I NEED THIS!--which is what I just yelled at Owen :P

DIY wool dryer balls...never use fabric softener again and cut your drying time...will be making some of these tonight!

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30 Brilliant Ways to Organize and Add Storage to Laundry Rooms

If you don’t yet have pedestals under your washer and dryer, now is the time to get them. And, you don’t have to pay a small fortune for them, either. You can actually build them yourself. Pedestals are great for storing all sorts of things in the laundry room. You can either build them with drawers or make it a bite easier on yourself and just leave them open. You can keep baskets of laundry or baskets of cleaning and laundry supplies in the cubbies.

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13 Pinterest Cleaning Tips That Don't Actually Work (And How To Make Them Better)

“Place pillows in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to help get them back to their ‘fluff stage’ and kill germs with the high heat. This is sooo important… I actually learned about all the molds that can grow in pillows if you don’t do this” | 13 Pinterest Cleaning Tips That Don't Actually Work (And How To Make Them Better)

The Best Cleaning Use Straws To... clean small spaces in your home.

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