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Chevy VS Ford

They just need to get over the fact that Chevy's will always be better!<<And Chevys need to get over the fact that land cruisers will always be better, they can pull rockets

Started out 62,000.. 3 years go by I got 159000 that's fucking nuts sorry baby you're a good girl and I love you

It's true ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I could never have anything that's not a square body and no smaller than a 350 engine

My Dream Truck is a 4-Door Chevy Silverado in this weird blue color. @michaelsusanno

Shout out to the girls who love big trucks, bonfires and aren't afraid of getting dirty!

Absolutely every time

Absolutely every time. I find this funny bc my little sister asked when I was going to stop talking about trucks and I looked at her and replied, "when I stop breathing" and she told me to hurry up.