Does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name?

รσмєтiмєร qυiєт iร viσlєит // ρiитєяєรт: αyєiтรcσυят ✖ This needs to be my title page XD.

TWENTY ONE PILOTS Poster by Ryanlioncollinson fan fiction treehouse joshler tøp Joshua dun Tyler Joseph Josh dun forest

lyrics lovely wallpaper forest top ride backgrounds background vessel wallpapers migraine Twenty One Pilots lock screen stressed out lockscreen Tyler Joseph Josh Dun regional at best tøp lock screens lockscreens Blurryface tear in my heart twenty ØNE PILØTS jøsh jøseph

lyrics wallpaper backgrounds background Twenty One Pilots stressed out lockscreen Tyler Joseph Josh Dun tøp lockscreens Blurryface tyler jøseph jøsh dun

haha this is me with Twenty One Pilots

haha this is me with Twenty One Pilots<<Is it just me or does anyone else think that this is Tony Stark cause of the arc reactor looking thing on his chest

Forest ~ Twenty One Pilots

Forest- Twenty one pilots Haven't heard this song before and i haven't heard most of self titled or regional at best. Actually i didn't even know regional at best was a thing till i looked up all their albums lol

Also for Struggling to Find Purpose: March to The Sea. Also for sad/lonely: Johnny Boy

I love Twenty One Pilots SOOOO much, they've helped me through a lot - Tyler and Josh are my heroes