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Olivia de Havilland Adventures of Robin Hood Gone With the Wind To Each it's Own The Snake Pit The Heiress

(continuação ...)      Bushmaster     Estas são grandes cobras de corpo moderadamente esguia e cabeça muito mais larga que o pescoço. Têm co...

(continuação ...) Bushmaster Estas são grandes cobras de corpo moderadamente esguia e cabeça muito mais larga que o pescoço. Têm co...

barn converted to pool house . original beams contrast wt steel frames .

HOUSE TOUR: Inside A Streamlined Belgian Farmhouse

The poolhouse in a former barn features steel frames and original beams; the pool is sheathed with glass mosaic tiles, and the surround is Belgian bluestone.

"Clouded Leopard"  Photographer: Sabrina Davis

Parent’s With Huge Secret

"Clouded Leopard" Photographer: Sabrina Davis I love clouded leopards they're my favourite big cat

Community Post: Colorful Garden Monsters

Colorful Garden Monsters

this spider is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It's a garden spider.I don't want to garden anymore :/

Liane de Pougy (1869 – 1950), was a Folies Bergères dancer renowned as one of Paris's most beautiful and notorious courtesans.

Liane de Pougy Folies Bergere dancer and courtesan rival to La Belle Otero. Lover of cocaine and heroin, she trained as an.

At first I thought he was holding a snake and I was like who casually brings a snake to a concert, they seem pretty cool... More

First Look: One Direction Celebrates ‘Four’ in NBC TV Special (airs December

The Hill of Crosses in Lithuania. During the Soviet era, the Soviets repeatedly removed Christian crosses placed on the hill by Lithuanians. Three times, during 1961, 1973 and 1975, the hill was leveled, the crosses were burned or turned into scrap metal, and the area was covered with waste and sewage. Following each of these desecrations local inhabitants and pilgrims from all over Lithuania rapidly replaced crosses upon the sacred hill. In 1985, the Hill of Crosses was finally left in…

10 of the World's Most Scariest Places to Visit - The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania. These crosses are placed there by Christians on a pilgrimage. The origin of the practice is not known.

I'm pretty sure white lions are pretty rare.  Isn't he a beauty?   Léo c'est toi? (Roi Léo ->manga)

I see your black lion and raise you a white lion yawning.

Interesting snake-like building in Kuwait

"New Wonderful Photos: Amazing Building in Kuwait": When architects have a cool idea, they make a cool drawing. They would like to build the cool building. So far, this is still imaginary.

Juneau, en Alaska, es un destino típico de invierno. La mayoría de visitantes acuden por su esquí o para visitar sus cuevas de hielo. Sin embargo, el verano en Juneau ofrece increíbles picos verdes que se funden con las nubes, grandes lagos y desafiantes actividades de aventura.

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Beautiful Lake in Juneau, Alaska, United States. I've always wanted to go there.