John Kenn (1978 -) é um misterioso artista dinamarquês que desenha monstros assustadores em post-its, utlizando traços simples e muitas hachuras. Os post-its estão sempre por perto e eu gosto de se…

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There are hundreds if not thousands of ‘real’ ghost pictures clogging up the internet. Some have natural explanations, most are faked. However sometimes, if you search long and hard enough you’ll find some photos that are harder to just explain away.

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'And if I break, if I fall Will you still run to me when I call...?' RED 'If I break'

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Mother-of-one claims she is still haunted by image of orphaned ghost

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#Zumbis da segunda metade da 4ª temporada de #TheWalkingDead

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dia das bruxas trabalhos manuais - Pesquisa Google

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Texas woman finds ghost in cell phone photo

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Real Ghost Pictures: The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School

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Did Ghost Adventures capture a “demon” on film?– During the crew’s 4th investigation of the new season, Bagans missed this crucial piece of evidence. Alerted by fans of this unbelievably creepy face, he later said: “I can’t say if it’s a demon, or...

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