How to Do Your Own Gelish Manicure and Make Gelish Nails Last Longer

I've been doing my own Gelish manicures for several years. Read my tips for my process and how to make your manicure last longer!

Stars Stripes and Babywipes: Gelish Manicure at Home

In spite of their small size, fingernails can play an important role in increasing the beauty of you

My nails-Gelish manicure turquoise tips and nail art!

My nails-Gelish manicure turquoise tips and nail art!

DIY Gelish Manicure - Pink Smoothies + silver glitter

Simple and pretty. Granola 2 Glam: First DIY Gelish Manicure (Shellac type polish)


Manicure: Gelish Gel in Tiki Tiki Laranga (Beauty Blogging Junkie)

I got my first gel manicure & I love it! I've had it for almost 1 week and it still looks fantastic. But I'm not willing to go to spend the money at the salon every 2 weeks. So, I am getting what I need to do at home. This is a great resource for DIY.

I made a video that demonstrates how I apply gel polish. You can also read my written instructions here, and see a list of supplies needed here.

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Dark Red Nails Gel

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