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Ousadia. Mais

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Wow! HUGE! Would not want this to lurk under water while swimming - YIKE!

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Great White Shark

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Almoçando com tubarões

Almoçando com tubarões | Olhar Sobre o Mundo

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Foto impressionante mostra tubarão branco saltando para capturar isca

Imagem impressionante mostra grande tubarão branco saltando fora da água na África do Sul (Foto: Reprodução/Facebook/White Shark Africa - Shark Program)

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Um grande tubarão branco pode saltar da água a uma velocidade de 50-60 km/hr A great white can launch itself out of the water at speeds of 50-60 km/hr

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"Here's a shot of my favorite female white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), Lucy, looking like a big barrel. Lucy must have had her eyes on a piece of tuna just outside of the frame, when this image was shot. Despite the injury to her caudal fin (tail), Lucy is still capable of speed bursts when she's ready to go for a bite."

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“Grandes marinheiros conhecemos em mares revoltos, não na calmaria.”

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Great White Shark

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