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wh5tsername: “ static—age: “ This was so fun to make ” ”

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They were and still my best friends. I didn't have very many friends growing up... #greenday#jamz #music

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Green Day é uma banda de Punk Rock dos Estados Unidos, formada em 1987 em East Bay, Califórnia. Amigos de infância, Billie Joe Armstrong (vocalista / guitarrista) e Mike Dirnt (baixo / vocal) formaram sua primeira banda, “Sweet Children”, em Rodeo, Califórnia, quando tinham 10 anos de idade. Eles inventaram uma forma de fazer música que influenciam até hoje uma legião de bandas jovens. Se conheceram quando estudavam, num colégio chamado Pinolle Valey High School.

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I LOVE this picture// Green Day I just want this picture enlarged and pinned up on my bedroom wall. It's ok to do that as an adult right?

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In a land of make believe that don't believe in me. (Jesus Of Suburbia, Green Day)

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I would probably get the girl tattooed somewhere. This would be a good companion tattoo to the other Green Day girl with balloon thing.

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heart 6 | GREEN DAY in WPAP (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait) By Dimas | WPAP 2010 by dimas

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Green Day, they've been with me for most of my life and have never disappointed me. They've saved my life and always know how to make me enjoy it...even if it's at shit creek. Cheers to the GREATEST PUNK ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD!!:') -Janice H. (P.S. this is my first pin)

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