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I love to write my own music because it allows me to be closer to my heart than anything.

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The beautiful thing about music is getting lost in a song. So many songs that take me right back.

I want to be good                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Great my standards just increased! My future husband must be able to play the guitar . I'm willing to compromise as long as he can play some musical instrument that's cute!


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You don't need another person, you just need your gorgeous guitar to play heavenly music on.

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Guitars= Happiness  learning how to invent Trisha "sherry" Vestall guitarist

Guitars= Happiness truth is. maybe you can't buy happiness, but i sure am happier with my guitar, slackline, and climbing shoes.

Oh, Howard Moon, how I love thee so.

Make sure you say "I Love You" to the love of your life! (Bonus points:Name this song!