Afinal, para a mente bem estruturada a morte é apenas uma grande aventura seguinte.
Harry and Lux<3
Adorable <3
Pela primeira vez León e Violetta saem com Jazzy nos braços
Baby Lux and Harry Styles<3
M This is what I always thought when m said it but took it was the best he could ever do
this is just darling<3 I have one question... AM I JUST STUPID OR DID ZAYN REALLY GO WITH TAYLOR AND HARRY TO NY THAT DAY?!
he is going to be an amazing dad
Harry and Lux
The relationship they have is probably the most precious thing in the entire world. World famous Harry Styles and Lux have been best friends since even before she was born. From the second Lux arrived, Harry was there to be with her. The way Lux loves Harry is important, she loves him not because he is famous or talented she doesn’t know that, but they genuinely love each other. Lux just knows that Harry likes to play with her and take her swimming and sometimes plays with her scooter.
Dois bebês❤️❤️
Harry babysitting Lux #2 <3
Harry pushing Lux around Denver... I remember it took everything I had not to run out and try and hunt them down -E