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Hayes Grier Was Kicked off DigiTour & He's Angry

I might as well just fall over. He is hot shirtless

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Magcon Boyz Imagines - Hayes Grier Imagine

A book of Magcon Imagines!!! •Nash Grier• •Hayes Grier• •Cameron Dallas• •Matthew Espinosa• •Jacob Whitesides• •Shaw...

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FC Hayes Grier) "Hey I'm Hayes, I'm 17 and single. I'm the youngest out of my siblings, my older brother Nash and my two older sisters Madison and Taylor. I play football and I'm pretty good at it" I chuckle "come introduce yourself?"

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[Hayes Grier] Hey I'm Hayes, I'm the son of Regina, also known as the Evil Queen. My sister is Raven. I have magic like my mom and my sister.

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fran on

meus amores ❤️

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Instagram photo by Hayes Grier • Sep 12, 2016 at 2:29 PM

my bae<<<<It is funny how it goes from oldest to youngest starting at the top. . .i just found that funny. . .no? Okay. haha gla!!

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I know he doesn't know me but I love him so much!! Hope you get better very very soon Hayes!!!#PrayForHayes

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