“’He isn’t coming back,’ whispered my head. ‘He has to,’ sobbed my heart.” — Rupi Kaur

These 15 Poems By Rupi Kaur Prove Just How Hard Heartbreak Can Be

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Forest fire

I swear to God I will become a force to be reckoned with, and you will wish you had never let your abuse and deceit poison us.

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You're my favorite chapter

You are still my favorite chapter that I keep on re-reading night after night till my eyes are red with tears and my heart hurts from the memories of your lost touch.

I don't think he will ever know how he ripped my heart out when he tried to move on. I think he moved on a lot more than what he led me to believe. I still feel his guilt about the way he treated her... and others.

You taught me that love can be an amazing and beautiful thing, but you also taught me that love will keep you up all night crying softly to yourself wondering how much more pain someone can endure.

No matter where you are in life.. every so often you will have those moments.. there is nothing wrong with it.. let it happen.. but then pick yourself back up.. dust yourself off.. and start over

No matter where you are in life. every so often you will have those moments. there is nothing wrong with it. let it happen. but then pick yourself back up. dust yourself off. and start over