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My friend decided to be Hellboy for Halloween.

Ron Perlman dons his hellboy costume for make-a-wish, adorable things happen.

Ron Perlman dons the Hellboy gear once more for a Make a Wish Foundation kid.Ron Perlman is THE MAN!

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Complete DIY Guide For Your Hellboy Costume

Celebsclothing has finally made the Hellboy costume guide for adults and children. You can now style like Hellboy in every upcoming event.

DIY Hellboy Costume

My shtick is/was normally historical(ish) food, but since my brother's birthday is 3 days before Halloween, he asked me to help make him a costume as his birthday.

Hellboy Costume

Hellboy (Ron Perlman), real name Anung Un Rama, is a demon summoned to earth by Nazi occultists. Don't let his horns, red skin, tails and cloven hooves fool you

Kropserkel: Hellboy Costume and Samaritan Holster Replica

Kropserkel: Hellboy Costume and Samaritan Holster Replica. The belt is super cool but the bulge on the manican is hilarious

This plus size Hellboy costume is a great choice for Halloween. You'll be all set to take on the dark forces as a member of the B.P.R.D. as this red demon!

Get this men's plus size Hellboy costume for Halloween as a scary costume or a unique superhero costume. This mens plus size Hellboy costume is a great adult movie costume.