Amazon River Vintage Map  1923 Long by carambas on Etsy

I really like this illustrated map idea for a family tree- using your local river and coastline as the branches showing generations.

Making the most of your 2014 DNA testing dollars In 2012, The Legal Genealogist led off a Sunday DNA blog by asking “how do you get the most bang for the DNA buck?”[1. Judy G. Russell, “More bang f...

Autosomal DNA testing, remember, is the kind of test that works across genders to locate relatives — cousins — from all parts of your family tree. If you’re interested if YDNA or mtDNA testing, Family Tree DNA is the only game in town.

Nonfiction Text Features  Comparing Multiple Accounts  Spice up your lessons with this Titanic Pack! Just like all of my other activity packs, these lessons are FUN, extremely high-interest, organized, RIGOROUS, and ready to teach today! Your students will: Construct an 11 page "book" in their interactive notebooks (or, there's a standalone version if you don't do notebooks) and then annotate/define all of the nonfiction text features. Click description for more info!

Titanic! NO PREP Nonfiction Text Features & Comparing Multiple Accounts 4-8

Serial Entrepreneurs Inspirational histories of popular entrepreneurs   #business #entrepreneur #Infographic

Serial Entrepreneurs, Who Pursue Multiple Opportunities - Infographic

Serial Entrepreneurs Infographic - How to pursue multiple opportunities - The Wild and Crazy Career Paths of 5 Self-Made Billionaires - How did they do it?

Prussia and Hungary: Always together

I thought this was going to end sadly and was so happy when it didn't ^-^

Hall of Armor: The Evolution of Iron Man [Infographic] - Halloween Costumes Blog

Hall of Armor: The Evolution of Iron Man [Infographic]

This is an infographic created by the folks over at HalloweenCostumes showing 20 different incarnations of Iron Man's armor over the past fifty a lot of armor. No wonder metal prices are.