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As Mais Incríveis Fotos Do Mundo Selvagem

Estes incríveis fotógrafos da natureza doaram seu tempo e segurança em troca de uma visão clara destas belas criaturas do mundo natural.


(Rp for the girl?) I laugh and shoot down the last wild dog that was bothering the peasant girl. "Easy runt, I won't hurt you." I say as I swoop down from my perch. "And who are you!?" She shouts and backs up. "I'm Demetrio, Grand Prince of Bevonia. " I say curtly as I bow obnoxiously. She scoffs and picks up her basket. "Well thank you, for saving me." She steps into a beam of light that reveals her further. I blush softly and find myself stuttering at her beauty. "It was my pleasure…


For My Eagle Glenn. Here's knowing My man's got made he's gone far beyond the day and we who must remain go on living just the same.

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