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Novice nuns in downtown Hsipaw Burma. The pink against the green of the trees in town made for a cool scene. #oldcuts #travel #myanmar by glenthomsonphoto

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Best Budget Accommodation in Myanmar Burma

Best Budget Accommodation in Myanmar. Cheap hostels and guest houses in Yangon, Hsipaw Inle Lake, Bagan Hpa An and more | Globemad Blog:

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How to get to the Nam Tok waterfall Myanmar Burma

Best Waterfalls in Myanmar. A full guide on how to get to Nam tok waterfall near Hsipaw in North Burma. | Globemad Blog

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A visit to the shan noodle factory -

Best local noodle dish in Myanmar. Shan state noodle factory in Hsipaw is a gorgeous little home business where they make delicious food! | Globemad Blog

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Adventure Trekking Around Hsipaw in Myanmar

Budget Backpackers Guide to Adventure Trekking around Hsipaw hill tribe tea plantations. Is it safe? What does it cost? 1/ 2/ 3 day group tours in Shan Palaung village | Globemad Blog

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Shan village near Hsipaw (Myanmar)

Things to do in Hsipaw. Myanmar is perfect for Adventure backing packing Hispaw is on the best trekking regions, but it also has a lot more to offer | Globemad Blog

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Little Bagan in Hsipaw (Myanmar)

Things to do and see around Hsipaw Myanmar

Pink myanmese female girl monks in Myanmar burma hsipaw. Things to do and see around Hsipaw Myanmar.

Hsipaw is a beautiful town in Shan State, well known trekking and chill out. #Hsipaw #ShanState #Myanmar #Trekking #Chillout