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“Conheça o Departamento de Desideologização de Material Didático da nossa editora” por Paulo Candido, no Diário Catarinense – Bom dia, professor, aqui é Luíza, do Departamento de Deside…


Your life will continue to be filled with such disappointments, my young friend.

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15 Teachers Who Don't Give A F*ck About School Anymore

15 Teachers Who Don't Give A F*ck About School Anymore from Best of the Web and Yes Yes...

Dutch psychology teacher about attending his classes... - Imgur

Hahaha I was thinking about this the other day. How do they know exactly what an author from the 1800's meant?


90+ Funny Teacher Quotes: Download free posters and graphics for humorous quotations about teaching, education, students, kids, and learning.

You know you're a teacher when: You get excited when you see "Back To School" supplies out in the stores.


VIDEO - Poem called "The The Impotence of Proofreading" by Taylor Mali

8- FIND RELATABLE HUMOR TO RELIEVE STRESS- MEMES- Memes about what happens when students don't pay attention in class. Via