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B-29 crash-landed on Motoyama Airfield Iwo Jima Bonin Islands after fighters disabled two engines on a bombing run over Osaka 10 March 1945


A wrecked Sherman tank, which was momentarily stopped by a direct hit and was burned by Molotov cocktails when Japs crept up on it. The terrain on Iwo Jima in the Bonin Islands made tanks ineffective to a great extent, 15 March 1945.

Location of Iwo Jima in respect to Japan

BONIN ISLANDS, Japan- are an archipelago of over 30 subtropical and tropical islands, some 1,000 kilometres south of Tokyo. The Tokugawa Shogunate dispatched an expedition in 1675 & made a map of one island. The Japanese word bunin means "no people" or "uninhabited". Even today there are only 2 inhabited islands in the group. Because the islands have never been connected to a continent, many of their animals & plants have undergone unique evolutionary processes.


Underwater Photos

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Bonin islands, Japan


Bonin Islands、Japan


【yukaiwaiiiii】さんのInstagramをピンしています。 《⁂ 11月から入れなくなるから南島で記念撮影🌴 いつ来ても綺麗だな〜 めちゃくちゃ笑ってる(笑) そうだ、小笠原って秋になるとセミが鳴くんだって。 だからか、あの飛行物体に怯えずに快適に夏を過ごせたのは。 最近涼しくなってきたから秋なのかな。 でも姿見せないし飛んで来ないからここのセミは好きよ(笑) #小笠原 #父島 #ogasawara #island #bonin #南島 #観光スポット #日本の絶景 #絶景 #海 #sea #beach #blue #bluesea #bluesky #gopro #goprohero4 #gopro女子》

picogordo de las Bonin

chichi jima island japan