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Japanese Navy ordered to execute all Allied personnel captured at sea! Today in WW2 history 3/20/43. That order was well on the mind of this brave naval aviator as he floated for hours in his inflatable raft hoping for rescue. Rescue that came, when a US submarine periscope appeared on the surface. His TBM Avenger torpedo bomber had caught fire after taking heavy anti-aircraft fire in the Pacific's Bonin Islands. Recognize him?


George Bush Sr-Navy-WW2-Lieutenant -pilot flying 58 combat missions in the Pacific. He was injured bailing out of burning aircraft during a mission and rescued by a submarine.

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13 strange and beautiful Japanese islands you must visit

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Extremely strong and very deep M8.5 earthquake hits Bonin Islands region, Japan by Adonai on May 30, 2015

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The islands where foxes fly

Niijima island merges with Nishinoshima, Japan

Iwo Jima Fighters and Bombers 8 April 1945, the day after the first fighter+bomber raid on Japan, Boeing B-29's, North American P-51's and Northrop P-61's are parked along Number #1 strip on Iwo Jima, Bonin Islands. Mt. Suribachi may be seen in the background. 78th Fighter Squadron

北側の浅瀬(左下方向)に向かって拡大を続ける小笠原諸島・西之島=16日(海上保安庁提供) ▼17Oct2014時事通信|西之島さらに拡大=ドーム7個分、噴火続く-海保