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Veja 10 viagens selecionadas pela National Geographic para 2012

Ilhas Channel, Estados Unidos. Formado por oito ilhas, o arquipélago das Ilhas Channel alberga uma rica diversidade de fauna marinha, com mais de 150 espécies endêmicas entre as quais se encontram focas, baleias e golfinhos. A área está protegida dentro do Parque Nacional das Ilhas Channel e é ideal para ser percorrida de caiaque. Santa Cruz, maior das ilhas do arquipélago (e da Califórnia), tem numerosas cavernas marinhas e áreas para trilhas e piqueniques Foto: Channel Island National…


Bonaventure Island National Park birds | Channel Islands National Park, Califórnia: Channel Island Overlook



Canal Electro Rock News: Weezer divulga faixa inédita “L.A. Girlz”


Photo by @jonathankingston California sea lions perform a underwater ballet in the spotlight of the sun - while warily keeping an eye out for their chief predator - the great white shark. Nestled in the Pacific Ocean, 38 miles off the southern California coast, Santa Barbara Island is part of the Channel Islands National park and is home to a large rookery of sea lions. @natgeocreative


Channel Islands National Park CA ========== Catching a cliff-side sunrise with one of the southernmost colonies of breeding Cassin's auklets; here with myriad other wildlife species for the season to feed in the upwelling-induced nutrient-rich waters off the California coast. The small but chunky seabirds feed by diving at depths upwards of 60 meters and propel themselves with their short stiff wings to chase down large zooplankton such as krill. They're pretty rad and one of a billion…

Sweet, sweet baby I’ll never let you go

Channel Islands National Park CA ========== Basking in the early morning sun and relishing the soothing soundscape of Spring along an incredibly rare stretch of undeveloped southern California coastline. In the absence of cars and crowds a singing western meadowlark easily makes his presence known; his song rolling with the wind across the grass as a cacophony of breeding western gulls ensues on the rocky cliffs below. All the while a cool onshore morning breeze wisps across the ears and…