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Umm I don't know if that little sign on the upper right is suppoused to be the deathly hollow sign or what. So imma gonna pin it in my HP board and hope it makes sense.

OMG Love! Why cant this be my room???

Wall decorating made easy: cutout magazine pictures, print pictures, and collect postcards. Huge collages to keep your eyes happy.

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Moving into your college dorm room is so exciting- and the best part? Check out some of these dorm room decorating tips!

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awesome My bedroom needs to look like this. A giant map on the wall with just a bunch of tribal or asian inspired textiles like blankets and pillows

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"indie/hipster/alternative bedroom inspiration" by the-hipster-tip-sisters ❤ --Kenzie Leigh

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Lovely and such a sweet room. Great for a cup of tea, a book and snuggling. never thought of putting tapestries across the window. also what the boys did putting a sheet over the light

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How to Create a Cozy Sleeping Space Sleep is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It’s…

DIY Birds cut out from magazines to make cool wall art!

30 formas incríveis de decorar suas paredes sem gastar quase nada

love cute life beautiful birds sky hipster room indie Wall Magic bird wonderland hope freedom hipsta bedroom ideas - this would be awesome if they were snap shots cropped as birds and stock on the wall