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DIY Acid Stained Patio Driveway

Acid Stained Patios are the most popular DIY project. Choose from 10 acid stain colors to create a one-of-a-kind patio with Direct Colors.

How to Stain an Interior Concrete Floor

How to Stain an Interior Concrete Floor

Luxury Stained Concrete Floors for Living Room That Look Like Wood with English Brown Stain Acid Staining Concrete floors indoors

Homemade Concrete Stain Formula | eHow

Homemade Concrete Stain Formula

Stain your concrete patio with an acid stain or a water-based pigment stain or dye. Clean the patio well first.

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Nashville Dinner Theater - Concrete Construction More than square feet of decorative concrete floor coatings grace this theater.

How To: Stain Concrete

How to Stain Concrete

Get Cleaner Indoor Air Without Opening a Window Vine Hill Road Straw Bale Residence- San Francisco - Arkin Tilt Architects

How to Stain an Interior Concrete Floor |

How to Stain an Interior Concrete Floor

Before spraying your concrete floor with acid or water-based stain or dye, the floor must be clean and dry. Strip any sealer already on the floor.

Our Project of the Week comes to us from the cold weather state of Minnesota! I mention this because below freezing temperatures make even indoor concrete projects difficult so take advantage of our same day shipping and get started today before it's just too COLD!! Thanks to Leslie G. for pictures of her DIY Living Room project using Shifting Sand (my favorite color), Coffee Brown and Cola Acid Stained sealed with DCI Water Based Sealer.

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Brilliant Blue Countertop Perfection! More from Jody Gott in New Iberia, LA and Direct Colors Premium Blue Concrete Colors!

Premium Blue Concrete Pigment -

Beat the Summer Heat with Cool Blue Concrete Countertops! Brilliant Blue Concrete Pigment and Acid Stains for Countertops. See Everything Blue Direct Colors Offers for Countertop Color!