Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets--for hot & refrigerator oats so going to do this... :)

Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets

DIY Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets to use for making hot or refrigerator oatmeal. Think I may try this as my kids eat the store-bought packets every morning and while I'm glad they're eating oatmeal, I cringe when I think about the additives.

8 Healthy Instant Oatmeal Cups You Can Make At Home #GetYourBeautyrest #sponsored

Apple Raisin Instant Oatmeal Cup

Easy Quaker Instant Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe YUM #QuakerTime #ad

Quaker Instant Oatmeal Pancake

Upgrade your backcountry #breakfast with these homemade oatmeal packets -

Homemade Oatmeal Packets

Upgrade your backcountry breakfast with these homemade oatmeal packets. Healthy, filling, cheap, and lightweight -- the perfect alternative to Instant Quaker Oatmeal.

Homemade Instant Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Chia and Flax - Inquiring Chef

Homemade Instant Oatmeal with Brown Sugar, Chia and Flax

Homemade Instant Oatmeal - Inquiring Chef Changed ratio to 5 cups oats to 1 cup brown sugar and added 1 tsp cinnamon & 2 tbls dry milk. 5 secs in processer.

Make  your  own instant oatmeal jars Directions: #recipe #breakfast

"Instant" Oatmeal Jars - Easy Breakfast Meal Prep - use freeze-dried fruit - add hot water and let sit 10 minutes while getting ready for the day

Easy Oatmeal in a jar quick breakfast idea

Instant Oatmeal in a Jar Recipe + Gift Idea!

Instant Oatmeal in a Jar Recipe + Gift Idea! - A Mom's Take Such a good time saving idea!

DIY Oatmeal Packet Flavor Ideas

Making with gluten free oats for the kids.Absolutely love these DIY Oatmeal Packet Flavor Ideas from Make them gluten free with certified gluten free oats.

"I was looking for a recipe with both brown sugar and oatmeal and came up with this!! Enjoy!"

Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal Muffins

Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal Muffins - with some tweaking for texture. Have tons of leftover oatmeal packets that my kids don't want.

Learn to make your own homemade Instant Oatmeal Mix in just 5 minutes with this easy, versatile, healthy, and tasty recipe. Perfect for a quick breakfast or snack! |

This DIY Instant Oatmeal Mix takes just 5 minutes to make, made with healthier ingredients, and seriously delicious!

To make oatmeal packets gluten-free, use gluten-free oats and oat bran.  Nutritional data for the basic oatmeal packets  (without fruit or nuts). There is 1-1/2 teaspoons of brown sugar for the sweetener in these calculations. For one plain oatmeal packet: 160 calories, 2.8g fat, 53mg sodium, 28.6g carbs, 3.9g fiber, 7.6g sugars, 6.5g protein. Weight Watchers PointsPlus: 4.

Healthy Instant Oatmeal Packets

homemade portable instant oatmeal cups are easy to make, fast to eat, and will help speed up your mornings! A great fast and healthy breakfast solution.  An instant oatmeal recipes are so close, you can use one and just tweak it!

Instant Oatmeal Recipes

Create your own homemade instant oatmeal cups using your favorite kind of oatmeal, add-ins, and more! An easy breakfast on the go idea. (How To Make Good Oatmeal)