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Arturo Alfonso Schomburg: The oiginal “Father of Black History” (Inspired Dr. John Henrik Clarke to research black hitory at 17 yrs. of age)

Day 23: Anna M. Mangin (life dates unknown). Inventor. African-American who received a patent in 1892 for improvements to the Pastry Fork. Her fork allowed ingredients to be mixed without the cook having to touch them. The fork could also be used to beat eggs, mash potatoes, and prepare salad dressings.


Nicholas Brothers | Black Hollywood Series by Black History Album, via Flickr


10 Black Scholars Who Debunked Eurocentric Propaganda, Dr. Henrik Clarke, Dr. Cheikh Diop. "Contrary to the long-standing European myth of a Caucasian Egypt, (Dr. Cheik Anta) Diop’s studies into origins of the human race and precolonial African culture established that ancient Egypt was founded, populated, and ruled by black Africans; the Egyptian language and culture still exists in modern African languages; and that black Egypt was responsible for the rise of civilization throughout Greece…

Little Ballerinas by Black History Album, via Flickr

1930s photo of Black family posing in front of their home and car

Beautiful kids playing music! Boys with Banjo by Black History Album, via Flickr