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Inventores de Transportes

My Man Bucky!!! Dymaxion e38 The Dymaxion car was a concept car designed by U.S. inventor and architect Buckminster Fuller during 1933. The word Dymaxion is a brand name that Fuller gave to several of his inventions, to emphasize that he considered them part of a more general project to improve humanity's living conditions. The car had a fuel efficiency of 30 miles per US gallon (7.8 L/100 km; 36 mpg-imp). It could transport 11 passengers. While Fuller claimed it could reach speeds of…


Audi Calamaro Concept flying car, doesn't it look like it is something right out of a video game?

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The bizarre amphibious vehicle inventor claims is driven by perpetual motion

Dive and drive: Chris Garner shows off his prototype which will be powered by his new 'Gyro Generator'


This is the story of Wilbur and Orville Wright, the invention of the airplane, and man's first flights. It's a complex story that includes not only the Wright Brothers, but also the myriads of people who touched their lives -- and those whose lives were touched by them.


Flying Machine Takes to the Air

Wright Brothers -first powered flight in 1903, Kitty Hawk, NC …

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Brincadeiras para crianças de voar!

5 brincadeiras incríveis de voar para fazer com as crianças - aviao de papelao

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Airplane Birthday Party Ideas

This quick and easy cardboard airplane craft is perfect when you need a fun project idea in a pinch! Your kids will love making these and flying them around for hours!


sons of anarchy e o fascínio que as motocicletas nos causam

Primeira motocicleta desenvolvida pro Hildebrand y Wolfmüller na Alemanha


Um inventor Israelita criou uma bicicleta feita de cartão. O preço final deverá rondar os $20 o que tornará esta bicicleta muito acessível para países que não têm tantas possibilidades. Mas o vídeo a seguir explica-nos como é que tudo se concretizou.