Jake Johnson from New Girl :D giving higher kissing standards since 2013

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Oh myyyyyy goodness!! Jake Johnson aka Nick Miller, can i just say this man drives me wild!

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jake m. johnson

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Nick Miller...setting impossibly high standards for kissing since 2013.

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Jake Johnson- "I always thought, if you're gonna do TV, you want to play a straight, solid, pillar-of-the-show kind of guy."

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Jake Johnson... Couldn't decide if I should put this on my "to do list" board or my "delicious" board!

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Jake Johnson & Damon Wayans Jr. I feel like they're friends in real life, and I find that adorable.

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adorable :) Jake Johnson/Nick Miller,New Girl

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Zooey and Jake Johnson

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"I’m not a guy who ever needs to be seen in his underwear in a photo shoot, I just need to make sure that if someone bumps into me, I don’t fall over."

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