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(FC: James Franco) Hello darling, I'm Ezra Knowles, and for the millionth time, I'm not Beyonce's kid. Anyways, I'm a demon, a regular one, who masters the art of seduction in order to bring my opponents to their knees. I am quite the flirt though. Introduce?

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Madness as a life style : Fotografia

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Frankly Talented

#men #photography #JamesFranco

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James Franco Franco on ihana ensinnä sen takia, että aina ei tiedä onko kuvassa se vai James Dean. Ni.

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Its been bugging me for months who James Franco is and ive only just realised hes in Oz The Great And Powerful, holy fuck he is beautiful

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meu preferido

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E eu com inveja desse gatinho...

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James Franco Dyed His Hair Super Blonde

Isso até é um desaforo, com óculos então!!!

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I'm in love with James Franco's smile

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