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H Limited Doll > E.D Limited Doll - Woman > Asa-Tokyo story Code : 20100707075128 Asa is absolutely beautiful in the Japanese.

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Specializing in fine antique japanese dolls, ningyo, japanese textiles, japanese buddhist art and traditional japanese folk art.

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ideas for making simple dolls from all kinds of materials, beads, etc.

Better than Barbies: 12 Dolls to Make Yourself

Japanese Paper dolls tutorial - this would be a great craft for when we study about Japan. We would use scrapbook paper or have the kids watercolor papers one day and cut and create dolls the next. Could even use fabric.

Kokeshi 'Kosode' véritable Kokeshi Japonaise entièrement réalisée à la main au Japon. Cette Kokeshi de 16 centimètres représente une jeune fille portant un kimono de couleur marron à manche courte. Bois : Cornouiller

Kokeshi doll - This doll is very similar to the doll Sarah brought me from Japan.