Meditation spot! Fung Shui style with a great bamboo fence back drop.

bamboo screening - NOT as straight as desired // Meditation spot! Fung Shui style with a great bamboo fence back drop.

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Best 10 Plants For A Small Container Garden

Japanese Rock Garden The Japanese rock garden (枯山水 karesansui ? ) or "dry landscape" garden, often called a zen garden, creates a miniatu.

Japanese Rock stepping on the pattern please!

Japanese garden

Watch the raking process of a rock garden in a Japanese Tea house. Japanese Rock Gardens (or Karesansui) are made from just two primary elements: rocks and a fine, light coloured gravel.

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Garden Landscaping with Stones: There are different varieties of rocks or stones that could be used differently in your garden landscaping ideas like large

Stunning Rock Garden Design Ideas - Quiet Corner

Stunning Rock Garden Design Ideas

It’s a great garden if you like hiking and views — or you’re a mountain goat | The Seattle Times

Gary Necci’s love of hiking in the high alpine meadows at Mount Rainier inspired him to turn a mess of a steep backyard hillside into a tapestry of textural plantings in his West Seattle garden.

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Rocks dont always have to be horizontal, use them as a sculptural elements in the landscape - Fresh Gardening Ideas