This is an optical illusion of straight black lines.  If you look close enough, you will find Jesus between the lines

Take a look at this amazing Jesus Optical Illusion illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

Fun craft for kids at Sunday School! Bryce and Abby just did this and it is so cute.

Given that the month of January is dedicated to the holy name of Jesus, I thought this would be a perfect Catholic craft for this month! If this only looks like an abstract mess to you, trust me- t…

Jesus Optical Illusion

Christians can carve a pumpkin for Halloween that is not scary or a jack-o-lantern, but one that shares the message of Jesus, the Light of the World. Here are some free printable stencil templates.

Jeez Illusion    Marvellous scenery with leafless branches and sky backdrop presenting an illusion of Christ’s face.

Jesus optical illusion pictures are popular around the world. These images use the technique of optical illusion to create a spell binding effect.

Here’s a collection of outstanding Optical Illusion pictures. Most of these pictures are artworks and were created by exceptionally talented and skilled artists! These pictures have 2 or more ways of looking at them, so keep your eyes open and see if you can see the full meanings! Horses Illusion Skull Illusion Can you give more information about the illusion which is shown below? Some people just see the two children sitting with the dog in there but on a more closer look you can also see…

20+ Optical Illusion Pictures that will make you look twice

Illusions Product | ... Assembly Of God Jewelry > JESUS OPTICAL ILLUSION Earring Oval Charm


Illusions Product | ... Assembly Of God Jewelry > JESUS OPTICAL ILLUSION Earring Oval Charm

Jesus optical illusion, thumb if you see

Jesus optical illusion, thumb if you see. -A jesus optical illusion i thought id share with everyone, found this out about a month ago, just remembered it.

optical illusion3a

Optical illusions ( Old )

Optical Illusion Stare at the three dots for seconds. then look at a white wall and start blinking your eyes.Do you see Jesus?