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Summer - Kids' Summer Ideas & Activities

Speedboat Relay: I can't believe I've never done this at camp. Must try.

Decorate a Tree Relay - fun Christmas game

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Taipei x Tainan, El Juego de relé frente a un armario gigante

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Texas Snowman Relay - reindeer games. Good news is we have all of this in the CM already. Fuh-ree!

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Summer Fun: 6 Obstacle Course Ideas for the Whole Family

summer camp themes | ... here are 6 more fun ideas to get the whole family moving this summer

attach three 6-inch strips of white crepe paper to the back of each player's shirt w/.duct tape. Give each kid a spray bottle, then let the squirting begin. Whoever has the most remaining paper once the water runs out is the winner.

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Sponge Toss Each player gets a small bucket filled with water, and a big car wash sponge. Players stand about 8 feet apart with their buckets on the ground directly in front of them. Each player tries to throw her wet sponge into the other's bucket (and splash the other player, of course!).

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Bulls-Eye Blast This scorcher-squelcher morphs two carnival favorites, the dunk tank and target shooting into an action-packed group game. Moving fast is the key to victory, but all players are bound to get wet. And that's the real winning element!

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