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Jogos dos irmãos kratts

Players play the part of the Kratt Brothers and their friends, racing around the world collecting Creature Power Suits. Along the way they unlock secret passages on the game board that allow players to bypass their opponents.<BR><BR><li>Wild Kratts combines science education with fun and adventure as the Kratt Brothers and their friends travel to different animal habitats around the world.</li><li>Wild Kratts is the #1 kids show on PBS.</li>

"What's the Animal?" guessing game! Fun for parents and kids! Wild Kratts

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A Mom/Photographer's Crazy Life!!!: Wild Kratts Birthday Party!

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Wild Kratts Creature Power 2 Pack - Cheetah Power Set

The Official PBS KIDS Shop | Wild Kratts Creature Power 2 Pack - Cheetah Power Set

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Wild Kratts - Cheetah-Tag - pulled each others tails off

Zoology for Kids invites the next generation of zoologists to discover the animal kingdom through clear, entertaining information and anecdotes, lush color photos, hands-on activities, and peer-reviewed research. Young minds are introduced to zoology as a science by discussing animals’ forms, functions, and behaviors as well as the history behind zoos and aquariums. Related activities include baking edible animal cells, playing a dolphin-echolocation game, and practicing designing an…

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kratts giraffe power disc - Google Search

it's all fun and games: wild krattness!

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Wild Kratts | PBS KIDS Lab Learning Goals Finding locations on a map by reading grid coordinates

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Wild Kratts Creature Power Mobile Downloads | PBS KIDS

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