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The little lady with a beautiful voice.. I have her albums.. Miss.. you Karen Carpenter! R.I.P. :'(

Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters is a beautiful woman who knew how to play the drums like it was nobodies business! #GirlsWhoPlayInstruments #SexiestFemaleMusicians

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Karen Carpenter...voice of an angel. Gone too soon.

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EXCLUSIVE: New Details Emerge About Karen Carpenter's Struggle With Anorexia

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Karen Carpenter Morreu em 1983, aos 33 anos de anorexia..nunca entenderemos os desígnios de Deus. Mas respeitamos sua vontade! Será eternamente lembrada por todos nós que admirávamos suas canções, sua voz maravilhosa, sua simpatia! Saudades eternas.. ♡♡

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Wonderful Miss Karen Carpenter and Miss Emmylou Harris….

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Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays

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Karen Carpenter & Her Father... by Carolyn Arzac, via Flickr

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Karen Carpenter suffered from anorexia, an eating disorder which was little known at the time. She died in 1983 at age 32 from heart failure caused by complications related to her illness. Carpenter's death led to increased visibility and awareness of eating disorders (Wikipedia)

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Karen Carpenter, 1950-1983 She had the best voice. I still sing along to her music. A Mid West girl who made it big and was pressured to lose weight. (She must have been a size 6 at the most.) You're missed Karen!

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