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Aposte nas artes marciais!

Quem já foi apresentado ao mundo das artes marciais sabe que não tem nada a ver com violência; pelo contrário, disciplina e respeito ao ...

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Sunday Encouragement

She is beauty, She is grace, She will punch you in the face.

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What's up bitches, the names Coal Cambridge and I'm a daughter of Zeus, God of lightning and thunder and also the main man of mount Olympus but hey, who's keeping track? Along with my fancy little powers of controlling some god given abilities, I'm an amazing cuisine chef and I can kick anybody's ass in boxing. From a young age I've had issues with my memory and remembering who I am, but I can tell you this. In my past life I was well off, I had people who loved me, but I wasn't happy.

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Self-Encouragement. NEVER let anyone else decide what your capabilities are. You rock!!

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Learn How to Box / Bucket List Ideas / Before I Die

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This is Zumba for me. I used to have to pause between every song. Now I can work out for 30 and feel like I strolled around the park.

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This man was a philosophy major.

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This was a really good total body kickboxing workout without being too challenging for uncoordinated people like me! I love how this girl high-fives everybody. :)

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