This is a modern day punk look, it brings the 70's-80's style up to date and also adds a tiny bit of punk glamour.

Nikki refers to the "punk rock" style a lot in her story. Here is just an image that I found when I searched punk rock.

New Fashion Event: Kids Punk Fashion for christmas 2012 China Kids fashion show in 2012

Lot of Kids Punk Fashion for christmas but most of them are variations of the four kids styles of punk haircuts for kids that have been li.

En el pasado, la paradójica inclinación de Japón por la ultra-conformidad generó algunas de las tribus de estilo más originales del mundo.

​lecciones de originalidad de los club kids de tokio

Rio (left) and Baek on the street in Harajuku wearing dark styles featuring items from Michiko London, Never Mind the XU, Angst Child, and Demonia.