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Kilt (Freemasons Universal Tartan) 13oz

Scottish Rite Freemasons Universal Tartan Kilt | J. Higgins, Ltd.

Chapter 8:- The Redoubt:- A private soldier of the 78th Fraser Highlanders with some of the kit he would have carried. Their language, dress and Highland weaponry set them apart from Wolfe's regular battalions and he used them whenever steadfast troops were required, whether it was at the Battle of Montmorency or in the front firing line on the Plains of Abraham.


78th Regiment of Foot (Fraser's Highlanders) - Private c1757-1763. For more information on Scottish Uniforms click on the link below:-

The 2nd batallion Gordon-Highlanders. Second Afghan War 1878-80


Clan Stewart Tartan as published in the Vestiarium Scoticum, Scotland


Three-year-old triplets Jack, Cameron and Liam Noble get in on the 'Brave' act with kilts and toy swords. Tolquhon Castle, Scotland.

de Sandtique-Rare-Prints and Maps

Clans & Tartans of Scotland by McIan - "FORBES" - Lithograph -1988

Litografia 1988,Clãs Tartan,Todas As Coisas Escocesas,Originalmente Introduzido,Forbes Lithograph,Clans Tartans,Mcian Forbes,Scottish Side,Mcian Originally


Stone of Scone (pronounced scon, rhymes with Ron). Starting with Robert the Bruce, Scotland's kings have sat on this stone to be crowned. The English stole it 700 years ago and kept it under their coronation chair, but with Scotland's parliamentary independence in the 1990s, the Scots asked for it back and got it! It is honorably displayed with Scotland's crown jewels. (Scotland doesn't have the impressive gems that England has, but it is elegant!) Edinburgh Castle.