Top 10 Ideas to put in a Big Brother Kit: 1. Big brother book 2. Big brother t-shirt 3. Big brother card 4. A new game 5. Big brother necklace 6. Big Brother Brag Book (put pics in later of the big day) 7. A new toy 8. Snacks to keep busy while waiting 9. Lollipops 10. Cards to play different card games with family members Individually wrap every present and place in a bag that says Big Brother Kit. Big brother will be excited to open every little item, and that can pass the time away too!

Big (Sibling) Kits. Great for the older kids when you're delivering. Whether they are at the hospital with you or with a sitter, this will help keep them entertained while they're waiting for their new sibling.

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Mommy Ate All The Cookies: Big Brother-to-Be Kit

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Big brother gift/kit... Snacks, games/toy, disposable camera?, hand sanitizer/soap, shirt?, book

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Big Sister Kit or Big Brother Kit ideas

Big Brother Tool Kit -- for sibling gifts (since most people I know are on baby 2+)

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Big Brother Kit - Tote Bag - Teenage Turtles Includes Personalized Big Brother Tote AND Big Brother Iron On on Etsy, $15.00

You know besides the fact they look like teenagers this would be them. Isabeal and Tiergan. <3 Gonna miss him...

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A Tale of Woe: Advice for Second Time Moms

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Bodyguard for my new sister T-Shirt - Cute! I want to get this for Nathan's Big Sibling Kit. <3

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