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Shaolin Kung Fu Basic Techniques - Learn more about New Life Kung Fu at

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Traditional martial arts Animal Styles. The Tiger, Snake, Crane, and Leopard. All of them are forms of kung fu. I believe there is a fifth animal that belongs here But I could be wrong on that. #Kungfu #martialarts

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Bruce Lee Mais

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Keep calm and love kung fu

Keep calm and love kung fu by KCalmGallery on Etsy

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Shaolin Kung-Fu

Reference for 5 Animal Kung-Fu -100% followback at 'Real Martial Arts'

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Kung Fu Hands

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3 passos para ser um ninja da produtividade

Shaolin monks perform martial arts in Singapore (, 2009) Mais

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SHAOLIN: "Bow and Arrow.Crouching Cat." On and on the instructor calls the stances. "Three Pillars. Seven Stars." There's a lot of counting. We bend our legs and count. We stretch back and count. We count the minutes till its over. - Samurai Kids 3:Shaolin Tiger

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