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Our latest addition are the amazing white henna tattoos. Apply with just water and viola, you have a cool henna creation.


50+ Brilliant White Ink Tattoos

45+ Lace Tattoos for Women | Cuded

45+ Lace Tattoos for Women

I love this, but all in black and white!                                                                                                                                                                                 More

45+ Lace Tattoos for Women

Female shoulder tattoo: dream catcher flower feather lace -- absolutely LOVE this!

white tattoo - saw one on wrist of someone while in NY. Fell in love with it.

white lace tattoo // Love this lace. Im not a fan of white ink tats but this one's pretty neat!

I like the idea of this, but I'd use it as space filler in a larger design, not as the entire piece itself.

50 Breathtaking Space Tattoos (With Pictures & Ideas)

In classic art, negative space is a tint area of black color, but in tattoo art, it is the skin, left uncovered by ink. Negative space tattoos are designs playing with reverse images with skin as the …

white lace tattoo - Click image to find more tattoos Pinterest pins

A white lace tattoo.The first tattoo I've ever found that I just love. I'm going to give it a year and if I still want it, I'll get it on my ribcage with the design of the lace from my wedding dress.