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I'm cute and won't make you sneeze!

acabou de fazer a permanente

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LaPERM curly cat! The curly gene is dominant, as is the case for the Selkirk Rex. The body type is called “semi-foreign” The LaPerm cat came about by a spontaneous and natural genetic mutation in the birth of a female kitten to a tabby barn cat in The Dalles, Oregon.


LaPerm Cat - The LaPerm is an exceptional combination of curly hair and affection. This longhair breed often wears a curly, plumed tail and exhibits a full, curly ruff. The shorthair LaPerm has more texture to the coat than does the longhaired variety. Both come in all colors and coat patterns.

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Selkirk Rex

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LaPerm Cat

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Quero um gato crespo!!!!

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