I need a family that will brave the snow...I love snow pictures!

(From Rebekah Westover Photography: The 30 minute Winter Wonderland shoot.) The variations in subject height and their angle to the camera makes for a more interesting pose than if they had been lined up in a row.

large family group portrait Roseville park

There is something cool about the architectural sides of the bridge being part of this photo. I am not a fan of the clothing coloring though.

Want to know how you can get sharp focus in your large family portrait? Read here to see how your next large family session will turn out great!

How to Get Sharp Focus in Large Family Photos

Three Generation Family Session » dougstroud photography blog site

During a recent trip to Utah to visit my best friend and his family I was able to further my love and passion of family photography through a master portrait workshop taught by Drake Busath.

Alisia K Photography, Family Photographer, Springfield, Missouri

this pic too.Alisia K Photography, Family Photographer, Springfield, Missouri. LOVE the first pic with the big family slightly separated into family groups