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Quem sabe um dia fazee do michkin


♥ Dream BIG my Little one...You can do all things- because my love will be always with you.


Xiiii hj é sábado! Dia de banho!!


Strange Woodland Soft Creature - Weird Gray Stuffed Bear Plushie - Embroidered Animal toy for Kids

"I just got my hair done"..."and NOW a bath?"..."what's a Girl to do?", French Bulldog Puppy with Spoiled Girl Problems, @comet_and_scooter

City of Los Angeles

OH BOYYYYY!!! Look who's makin a comeback!!! Sweet hippo BUBBA got his balls lopped off yesterday and has gained 4 pounds!!! BOOM! His eyes are clearing up and he will be getting out of the hospital Friday morning!! We are in need of a foster starting Sunday!!! He will be coming home with meds he will need baths every 2-3 days and ear wash and ear meds. One ear canal was almost completely closed but was deep cleaned yesterday while he was getting neutered. This guy is doing absolutely…

'Hayleigh said I've got Dirty Ears as well!' - Toby the Jack Russell Terrier Dog being thoroughly washed by Hayleigh the Cat


Cardinal Laboratories Pet Botanics Naturals Herbal Ear Wash, Marigold/St. Jon's Wort, 4 Ounces * Be sure to check out this awesome product.


Skin Allergies in Dogs: Simple Home Remedies to Try Before Seeing Your Vet

Use Bleach Only when washing dog bedding