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jiinsy: “ Gonna get this as a tat on my forearm someday. Soon as I have enough money.

The Legend of a Zelda Mandala by ever-so-excited.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The Legend of a Zelda Mandala (The Legend of Zelda series) .representing the Zelda universe!Available as device c.

Legend of Zelda print - Album on Imgur

Legend of Zelda print

The Legend - Designed by Luke Alessi This gorgeous new Legend of Zelda piece is the first offering of the brand new gaming art shop, Mount Thunder! Each print they create is handcrafted and unique,.

Zelda: Its Dangerous To Go Alone by David Hultin

Its Dangerous To Go Alone

It's dangerous to go alone, The Legend of Zelda artwork by David Hultin.