Do you know how to wear jeans and ankle boots? You need to cuff them just the right way.

The Dos and Don'ts of Cuffing Your Jeans with Ankle Boots (Part 1)

Funny tumblr post|| Our dominance over the lower race of humans. We are the few. We are the chosen.

As a person who skips steps I would like to say that I like doing it bc I go faster and therefore my legs hurt less. The slower I go the more my legs will hurt.

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In my opinion, all couples should be given a happy relationship guide at some point in their journey.

All dudes should see this. She is gorgeous and aint gonna let one guy put her down! You. Go. Girl.

A brony called me unattractive

Bish you can talk shit about me but insult my leg hair and I will rip your throat out

Funny tumblr post

imagine you get your leg amputated. it's been a day or so and you're in recovery. the surgeons come in and say, very embarrassed, 'we amputated the wrong leg.