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Lei De Gay Lussac

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Charles and Gay-Lussac's Law - Animated

▶ 3 Chemistry Gas Laws: Boyle's, Charles', and Gay-Lussac - YouTube

G-Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac was a French chemist and physicist. 1802 – Gay-Lussac first formulated the law, Gay-Lussac's Law, stating that if the mass and pressure of a gas are held constant then gas volume increases linearly as the temperature rises.


Louis-Joseph Gay Lussac was born on December 06, 1778 Lussac was a French chemist and physicist He formulated two gas laws Lussac analyzed the composition of Earth's atmosphere at different altitudes He was the co-discoverer of boron In collaboration with Louis Thenard,


Crush a can with atmospheric pressure - never fails to impress kids of all ages (preschool through college!)

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A fantastic organizational tool for remembering the gas laws. Perfect for station learning or summary tool. Includes Boyle's, Charles's, and Gay-Lussac's Laws.